5 Simple Steps To Lose Weight

What are the essential and basic steps in losing weight ?


  1. Eat Less and in moderation but don’t starve yourself. Watch what you eat. Always remember what goes in through the mouth will show on the round belly / bottom and it is not easy to get it off.


  1. Get your bum off the chair and bed and start regular physical activity and exercise. This is a must. You need to burn more calories than what you are eating each day. The physical activity intensity / duration should progressively increase each week / month as your body will become accustomed to it.


  1. Make a Goal and plan for each week / month and break it down. Follow it diligently


  1. Even if you don’t lose the intended amount for the first few weeks / month, don’t lose heart and stay on track. The weight will eventually go if you stick to the plan. Main point is to be regular and consistent.


  1. Don’t fall for the new fad diets and lose weight in so many months schemes. There are no short cuts and exceptions to this. Eat less and more physical activity is the Simple Mantra.


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