Commit to the Process – Do Not Get Attached to the Outcome


We all face ups and downs in our lives – both personal and professional.


So many times it happens that we are so focussed on the outcome of a particular situation and how we will be happy / successful once when we achieve it and when things do not go as we planned, we feel frustrated and angry.


We will not get what we want always and we will hit roadblocks, diversions, landslides and avalanches in our journeys. This is the normal process of life.


We have been taught from the start to be goal focussed. We teach a child that when they ace a test, they will get a reward. The reward and outcome theory is implanted in our brain since childhood. We diligently follow it through our lives and it does bring success since we strive higher and work harder and that always pays.

But what happens when we don’t get what we want or we don’t reach where we wanted. A majority of us will feel disappointed, angry and frustrated. We get so attached to the outcome and the win or reward that we stop enjoying and focussing on the process.


What if we focus on the process and commit to it rather than getting attached to the outcome?


Highly successful and happy people are more focussed on the process and their long term commitment to it.  They are not bothered much by the reward or the outcome. For them, the reward is only an accessory or a by-product of the process. They are also not hurt or disappointed by the negative outcome of their efforts. They will move on easily and roadblocks and breakdowns cannot stop them in their path to greatness.

We can implement this both in our personal and professional lives.

  • What if we don’t daydream about the happy life we will have together with our new friend / partner and just commit to the process of the journey and then see how it goes.
  • What if we don’t think about the bonus that we will get at the end of the project delivery, but commit to the process and ensure that each project is delivered successfully.
  • What if we don’t focus on how once we reach a certain level of income, we will be happy and instead commit to the process of improving our skills and learning each day.


We can apply this process commitment and outcome detachment theory in multiple spheres and it has been proven to lead to a happier, successful and fulfilling life.

False sense of entitlement

I have seen a number of issues / conflicts arising due to the false  sense of entitlement that we as a Nation suffer from.
We are a pampered lot right from childhood with parents giving in to our demands and supporting us till late in lives. So, we become used to demanding service and assuming that we are entitled to it. 
This makes us believe that everybody is there to serve us. 
So my job becomes the responsibility of the college, my growth is the responsibility of the company, my education is the responsibility of my parents and in the end I can blame them all for my failures.
Why don’t we introspect ? 
We are not entitled to anything. 
It is MY responsibility to make a failure or success of the platform that our parents, college or company provides.
It is my life and my ownership, responsibility is the only thing that matters. The sooner we realize this TRUTH, the sooner we can get to the path of SUCCESS.
YOU only need yourself to make a MESS or a SUCCESS of YOUR LIFE. 

What is your work ethic ?

Listening to Will Smith speak about his work ethic where he says that he is not afraid to die on the treadmill.

How right he is .

Most of the times, we just tend to give up or shirk work or try the easy way out when staying at the task and getting it delivered is the best approach always.

If you are able to work hard , you will never lose and will be successful.

Nowadays , we hear a lot about Smart work. People tend to forget that the Smart work needs to be combined with hard work to get results. Talent can only take you upto a point and it has to be combined with skills which are developed by hard work to make you really successful and great.


So let’s get on the treadmill and stay at it.  

How to hire people ?

Being in the IT industry and having interviewed a lot of people, I have compiled a list of simple questions which help me in finding the most suitable candidate for the position. 

Apart from the technical round which is done by an expert panel of team members plus a technical test, I tend to look for these points in the candidate.

  1. Does he arrive on time or earlier for the interview.
  2. If he is running late, does he call up the HR department and inform. 
  3. Is his resume full of spelling and grammatical errors. 
  4. Has he done research about our company and what do we do. Has he visited our website and what did he find.
  5. Why did he chose his current domain / technology? 
  6. Is he just changing his current job for a small pay rise or is he passionate about the work he does.
  7. What extra work he has done apart from his regular projects and has he posted his work online. This shows passion.
  8. What does he read about in his spare time. Is he doing the job just for the sake of it or is he really passionate about his core skill / subject and learning constantly.
  9. What new skills / technologies he has learned himself with no pressure of the project / job.  This can even be picking up a new language , starting a blog etc. 
  10. How does he handle pressure situations. How does he react in them. I will challenge them on a point and then work on rubbing it in and then see their reaction.
  11. What hobbies / other interests they have and are they really passionate about them. What do they do in their free time ? 

I tend to recommend those candidates who have a good grasp of their domain and are emotionally passionate about their work.  

If you hire good, passionate people, you have won half the battle in the startup arena. 

So how do you hire ?