Are You chasing Productive Happiness OR Consumption based Happiness

With so many resources and distractions available at our disposal, we are always hard pressed for effective time utilization and making the most of our limited 24 hours. Everyone gets 24 hours in a day on the planet and it is how we use it matters the most in making our life a success or just going through the motions.

We all want to be happy and satisfied but still remain sad and empty. Everyone has a different definition of happiness and satisfaction but the generally accepted societal standard is a good career, stable income, family, status and the works.


What is Productive based Happiness and Satisfaction?

Productive happiness is the joy and satisfaction that we get when we produce something which satisfies our basic need to create. This can be anything from making your dinner, working on the presentation, creating a new website, painting your door or even sorting out your cupboard.

We are born to create and experience the enjoy the fruits of our labour.


What is Consumption based Happiness and Satisfaction

Consumption based Happiness is the joy we get from watching Netflix, Social Media, eating the chocolate and doing activities which cater to our urge to experience and enjoy new things and activities.


Successful people or people who are doing well in the society (based on the accepted standards) cater to their Productive and creative based Mindset first and keep their consumption based Mindset in check.

Normal people tend to cater to the consumption based happiness first without focussing their limited energy and time to actual productive behaviour which will give them long term satisfaction and happiness.

Consumption based behaviour is easier to adopt than the production based approach as the world offers us a plethora of distractions to lull the monkey mind and make us live in a make-believe world.

I am not saying that either approach is bad. We just need to maintain a healthy balance between the two and if we make the productive Mindset as our dominant philosophy and process , it will help us in achieving our short term and long term Goals faster.


So did you Create or Consume Today?

Can you Afford your lifestyle ?

We believe in instant consumption and gratification.

That is the theory nowadays which is totally different from our parents who used to think about the future and save and invest and live comparatively simpler lives.

But with the television and peer pressure and a lot of other factors, instant consumption has made the current generation financially sick which can take a long time to recover.

Most of the times we earn well as salaries are very high nowadays but there is very little wealth and no savings and if the earnings dry up or some medical emergency happens , then what ?

Then we are screwed and need the support of our parents and in-laws to fall back on.

Take a step back and think before making that latest smartphone buy which is the second one in six months even when the last one is absolutely fine. This is just an example of unjustified consumption. There can be more examples like the fancy bike that you bought.

Always need to question if you Can you afford your current lifestyle  ? If your parents support you in financial crisis , then I am afraid you are not the one who can afford but it is the parents wealth that maintains you.

We tend to forget that lifestyle creep happens and it is very difficult to let go of the lifestyle and comfort once you are used to it.