How to hire people ?

Being in the IT industry and having interviewed a lot of people, I have compiled a list of simple questions which help me in finding the most suitable candidate for the position. 

Apart from the technical round which is done by an expert panel of team members plus a technical test, I tend to look for these points in the candidate.

  1. Does he arrive on time or earlier for the interview.
  2. If he is running late, does he call up the HR department and inform. 
  3. Is his resume full of spelling and grammatical errors. 
  4. Has he done research about our company and what do we do. Has he visited our website and what did he find.
  5. Why did he chose his current domain / technology? 
  6. Is he just changing his current job for a small pay rise or is he passionate about the work he does.
  7. What extra work he has done apart from his regular projects and has he posted his work online. This shows passion.
  8. What does he read about in his spare time. Is he doing the job just for the sake of it or is he really passionate about his core skill / subject and learning constantly.
  9. What new skills / technologies he has learned himself with no pressure of the project / job.  This can even be picking up a new language , starting a blog etc. 
  10. How does he handle pressure situations. How does he react in them. I will challenge them on a point and then work on rubbing it in and then see their reaction.
  11. What hobbies / other interests they have and are they really passionate about them. What do they do in their free time ? 

I tend to recommend those candidates who have a good grasp of their domain and are emotionally passionate about their work.  

If you hire good, passionate people, you have won half the battle in the startup arena. 

So how do you hire ?