Independence Day and Freedom

Today – 15th August, we celebrate our Great Nations Independence Day. 

Freedom means different things for different people.

For our forefathers who won the independence from the British, it was a dream of a free nation and the desire of Swaraj that lead them to lay down their lives and make unimaginable sacrifices in their quest for freedom.

For some, it is freedom from hunger, freedom from poverty and the list goes on. Each individual has different notions of freedom.

1. Freedom is a state of mind.
2. Freedom is a seed that needs to be cherished and nurtured
3. Freedom means being free of our personal prejudices and treating each person as an individual without any consideration of his or her social standing and religious beliefs.
4. Freedom means using your education to learn about the world and broaden your horizons and not be shackled by the rigid norms we as a society try to enforce.
5. Freedom means to stand up for what is right
6. Freedom means believing in something and being passionate about it.
7. Freedom means choosing a path which is long term and for the greater good. Short cuts are well short term.
8. Freedom gives us choices and our mind should be free to evaluate and make a decision based on merit
9. Freedom means letting each person speak even though they might be negative and not agree with you. Society needs a healthy dialogue and speaking and listening goes both ways.
10. Freedom needs commitment and dedication and will demand sacrifices. Be prepared.


So let’s celebrate Freedom and cherish our Independence.

Our forefathers gave us a clean slate and a great platform for nation building and we need to keep working hard to nurture the Freedom. 


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